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The SAM Process Review INteractive Toolkit

The SAM Process Review INteractive Toolkit (SPRINT) facilitates assessments and improvements of an organization's Software Asset Management and IT Asset Management processes.  It may be used for many different purposes, independently or in conjunction with each other, including cost savings, license compliance, IT security, and ISO SAM assessments (using  the ISO SAM Process Standard - ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 SAM Processes and Tiered Assessment of Conformance). 

SPRINT contains worksheets for:

  • Cost Savings / Value Enhancement
  • License Compliance
  • Security
  • Project Management

Most of the worksheets may be used by themselves, but all are also referenced to the relevant contents of ISO SAM. 

SPRINT is a spreadsheet tool using Microsoft Excel 2010 or later.  It allows for the referencing of source documentation, and also allows for documenting who completed the work and when.  The ISO SAM worksheet allows for a reviewer (whether an internal employee, an external consultant, or an external certification body) to use this same spreadsheet for its independent review and assessment of conformance with the ISO SAM process standard.

SPRINT was developed on the basis of ISO SAM, and this explains the different editions available.  ISO SAM defines requirements for four separate Tiers against which conformance may be assessed.  The four Tiers are (1) trustworthy data; (2) practical management; (3) operational integration; and (4) full ISO/IEC SAM conformance.  The first Tier (trustworthy data) is the most important, and provides for repeatable license compliance processes.  SPRINT is available in three different editions depending on the Tiers covered:

  • SPRINT All Tiers Edition.  This contains the requirements from all four Tiers of ISO SAM, with the ability to select requirements by Tier or individually.
  • SPRINT Tier 1 Edition.  This has all of the functionality of the All Tiers Edition, but contains only the requirements for the 'trustworthy data' Tier.  It is missing the ISO SAM text from Tiers 2 through 4.
  • SPRINT All Tiers Upgrade Edition.  This allows someone who owns the Tier 1 edition of SPRINT to upgrade to the All Tiers edition without losing any data from the work already done.

The worksheets included in SPRINT are the same for both the Tier 1 and All Tiers editions.  The only difference is whether the full text of ISO SAM is included or not.

An add-on pack to facilitate assessments against the BSA's Verafirm Certification requirements is also available without cost to individuals who have licensed the All Tiers version of SPRINT.  Requests should be made to

The following are screenshots from SPRINT:

The SPRINT User Guide can be downloaded here.

For information about purchasing SPRINT, see Buying SPRINT.

m-Assure Limited also offers an independent review of SPRINT assessments as a separate service.  See the 'Services' page for more details.