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m-Assure Limited is incorporated in England, company number 07353772. Its owner and director is David P Bicket.  David has worked in the IT industry for over 40 years.  David was the Convener of the ISO working group responsible for Software Asset Management ('SAM') standards (ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 WG21 or 'WG21') from 2007 through June 2014, and continues to be active in WG21.  He project-managed and contributed extensively to the ITIL SAM Guide; had major responsibility for developing ISO/IEC 19770-1:2006 Software Asset Management Processes; developed a guide for license management in outsourcing; and has been involved in developing assurance programs for Cloud Service Providers.  He has worked extensively for more than a decade in audits of IT resellers, partners and users for major software publishers.  He has lived and worked mostly in Western Europe, but also in the US, Mexico, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.  He currently lives in Buxton, Derbyshire, UK.

David is retired from full-time work, but is still highly involved in voluntary standards work.  While working full time, he worked for two decades for several major accounting firms around the world, finishing as a director for Deloitte, and prior to that working for KPMG, PW, and Arthur Andersen.  He previously held IT-related positions within the banking, IT and chemical industries and in governmental IT audit.  He has held qualifications as a CPA, CISA, and ACIB, all of which he has recently transitioned to retired status.

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