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Published in January 2018, this is the most practical, comprehensive, and authoritative guide to software and IT asset management on the market. Many industry experts contributed to this major revision of the original ITIL SAM Guide to reflect the changing world of processes, technology (e.g. cloud, BYOD, and tools), standards, and much more. This book is essential reading for anybody involved in the acquisition, development, operation, management, use or retirement of IT assets. 

This guide can help organizations achieve major benefits in risk management, cost reduction, improved security and improved service delivery. It will facilitate the integration of SAM/ITAM with service management and information security management while linking to organizational objectives. To do this, the guide gives structured and clear explanations of complex topics, with frequent real-life examples, key messages, and checklists.

Example contents of this guide:

-         Action steps for senior management, individuals with new ITAM

             responsibilities, and for organizations expanding their ITAM programmes

-         Structured and prioritized cost saving opportunities

-         Avoiding license compliance issues, and dealing with publisher audits when

            they happen

-         Metrics for SAM and ITAM

-         Achieving sustainability for a SAM/ITAM programme

-         ISO ITAM, going far beyond the published standard

It can be purchased on Amazon, and from the publishers TSO

-         Paperback

-         PDF

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